Top 5 Things to do in Fuvahmulah

1 Diving

Fuvahmulah has recently become a world famous Diving destination. Tiger Shark is the major attraction and can be seen by divers diving near the house reef.

Other species found around the island includes Thresher Shark, Schooling Hammerheads, Oceanic Manta and Mola Mola.

2 Thoondu

Thoondu is the most popular beach in Fuvahmulah. A vast sandy beach on the North end of the island, the sand seasonally moves to the eastern or western side of the island. Thoondu is famous for the white pebbles which are smooth, round and shiny. A barefoot walk on the beach is a completely different experience.

Thoondu is the only beach break in Maldives. When waves break on the beach, sometimes it creates a washing machine effect with the water twirling. Getting caught in one will be an unforgettable experience.

The beach breaks and the vast sandy beach provides the perfect setting for skimboarding. Thoondu also has the perfect waves for surfing and bodyboarding.

3 Kodakilhi Mud Bath

A visit to Fuvahmulah will not be complete without a visit to Kodakilhi where you can take a therapeutic mud bath. Kodakilhi is within the Bandaara Kilhi wetland area.

4 Kattelhi

Kattelhi is a deep-water fish caught from 120 to 150 meters deep. Fisherman catch them a night. Kattelhi tastes best when they are freshly prepared and eaten with Ala (Taro), Coconut and a hot cup of black tea.

5 Sight Seeing

Fuvahmuah has many sights to see. Dhadimagi Kilhi and Banddara Kilhi are the two fresh water lakes surrounded by vast wetland area. There are boardwalks that gives you a beautiful view of the wetland area. Other places of interest includes historical sites like Gemmiski, Haviththa and Vash Veu.

Boardwalk in Dhadimagi Kilhi wetland area.

Other Things to Do

Besides the top five listed above, there are many other things you can do in Fuvahmuah. A visit to Fuvahmuah Nature Park is a must. Besides seeing the lush green, peaceful atmosphere, you can go canoeing and pedal boating.

Fishing is also one of the activities you can do in Fuvahmulah. Big game fishes commonly found include yellofin tuna and wahoo. Giant Trevally and Black Trevally  are also caught often.

There are some local food and drinks you should try. Alai Garo Fathafolhi is a crispy roshi made from taro. There is the sweet Naarovah Faludha which is made from taro or breadfruit. Bayndi is also a local specialty that you should try. Kayvah Shake and Kayvah Juice are drinks made from the aromatic screwpine. Another dish made from screwpine include Kekkee Kayvah, which is a thick porridge-like dish that tastes sweet. Breadfruit and taro chips are a popular snack.

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