Water Sports

Water Sports

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Fuvahmulah Nature Park offers canoe riding and pedal boating services in one of the scenic fresh water lakes in the island.

Canoeing and pedal boarding are available in Fuvamulah Nature Park

Jet-ski riding is also one of the things you can do, provided weather is good. Contact your guest house to see if they can arrange for jet-ski, since few are available for rental in the island.

Swimming in Thoondu is a sports in itself. The breaking waves provides a completely different experience than what you find in beaches in other islands in Maldives. Breaking waves create a washing machine effect. Getting caught in one is surely going to be an unforgettable experience.

The washing machine effect of breaking waves. Photo: Ahmed Shafiu

Kids, and adults alike, like riding with the waves on the sandy beach. Thoondu beach is the only place in Maldives that provides such an experience.

Kids enjoy wave riding in Thoondu

Since Thoondu is a beach break, it has the perfect conditions for skimboarding.

Thoondu: Perfect for skimboarding


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