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Thoondu is the only beach break in Maldives. It is also one of the most unique beaches and is located on the North end of the island. The big sandy beach moves to the west and east depending on the season. During this movement, sometime a natural swimming pools formed, locally known as Bissaaveli.

Aerial photo of Thoondu. A small Bissaaveli is formed. Photo: Ahmed Shafiu

A unique feature of Thoondu is the “washing machine effect” created when the waves break on the beach. Getting caught in one will be an unforgettable experience. 

“Washing machine effect” of Thoondu beach breaks. Photo: Ahmed Shafiu

Thoondu also provide the ideal waves for surfing, for beginners and the more experienced. Best time for surfing is during south-west monsoon, between June and August.

Thoondu has surf points with waves ideal for beginners and the more experienced, depending on the season. Photo: Ahmed Shafiu

The beach breaks and the sandy beach provides the perfect setting for skimboarding.

Thoondu is probably the best beach in Maldives for skimboarding

The pebbles found on this beach are smooth and shiny and not found in other parts of the island, or Maldives.

Round, smooth and shiny pebbles are unique to Fuvahmulah Thoondu

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