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Fuvahmulah is an only island in the middle of the deep blue ocean. This provides a unique dive experience compared to other islnads. Thresher sharks, schooling hammerheads, oceanic manta mola mola are some of the creatures around the island. Divers do not have to travel far to see these exotic sea creatures. Most dive sites are within one kilometer from the island.

Tiger Sharks are the star attraction. Photo: Fuvahmulah Dive
Fuvahmulah is the only place is Maldives where Thresher Sharks are regularly seen. Photo: instagram.com/lonubreak

Massive corals, sea fans and, and in some areas, black corals dominate the sea floor.

Fuvahmulah has dive schools staffed with qualified dive masters to guide the beginners and the more experienced divers.

Dive Schools

Fuvahmulah Dive

Fuvahmulah Tiger Shark Dive

Tiger Shark Residence

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