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Fuvahmulah is well connected to Male’ by plane and boat. Scheduled flights operate between Velana International Airport (Male’) and Fuvahmulah. Regular ferries run between Fuvahmulah – Addu Feydhoo and Fuvahmulah – Gaaf Dhaal Faresmathoda.


Fuvahmulah has a domestic airport, and is therefore easy to reach. Daily direct flights operate between Velana International Aiport (Male’) and Fuvahmulah. Flight time is around 1 hour 30 minutes. Flights are operated by Maldivian


Regular ferries travel between Fuvahmulah and Feydhoo island in Addu City which has Gan International Airport. Travel time varies between 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on weather.

There’s also regular ferry service between Fuvahmulah and Gaaf Dhaal Fares Maathoda.

These ferries are operated by Maldives Post Limited’s Southern Transport Link service.¬†For the latest ferry schedule and online bookings, visit STL Website


Regular cargo boats (or Naalu boats as locally known) travel between Male’ and Fuvahmulah. Though the boats are mainly carrying goods, people can still travel on board. You will need to carry your own sleeping bag and accessories, if you need to sleep comfortably. Travel time is about 36 hours. This is a good mode of transport for the more adventurous.

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